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 Staff (Derek or Dann please read)

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ISLS Forums Super Moderator

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Staff (Derek or Dann please read) Empty
PostSubject: Staff (Derek or Dann please read)   Staff (Derek or Dann please read) EmptySat Dec 03, 2011 3:36 pm

Hello, I used to be staff, however, I was recently gone for about 2 weeks because I was grounded, Stonez (Dustin, the old owner of Isls) thought I resigned and took my staff away, however, I have not resigned. (if you don't believe I was staff, just look in the news) My main thing I would like to ask you is whether or not it is possible for me to be re-hired, as I was not fired, I was in-active due to me being grounded, before I was grounded, I came on almost every day, (for proof just ask others that were a member while I was still staff) I have been on Isls fro quite a while, and was hired when Isls went BACK to an old version (when I first joined, Isls was an R36, then it went back to and older version, then BACK to an R36, and finally it is now an R63)


-Ninja99 Forums Super Moderator.
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Staff (Derek or Dann please read)
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