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 New Rank System

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PostSubject: New Rank System   New Rank System EmptyMon Sep 19, 2011 11:46 pm

The forums now have a new rank system - Forums and Hotel staff will be separated divisions and they will have different ranks (and colored names).
Check the legend at the bottom of the homepage for the important ranks and their colors.
Also, check the forums updated staff list topic to know who is forums staff (under the basket category)! Please get use to the new system...

[Remember in the future: users with forums ranks have colored ranks. If they have more than one rank, they have more colors to choose from for their name. So, don't get mixed up saying people are a lower rank or even a higher rank than they really are. For example, if an administrator has a moderator or even VIP colored name. Same with moderators having VIP colored names (they wont have RED names; meaning forums admin.]


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New Rank System
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