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ISLS Sub Admin

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PostSubject: Post Count - Don't reply to this topic   Post Count - Don't reply to this topic EmptyMon Sep 05, 2011 12:32 pm

Good morning.
Today I wanted to speak a moment about Post Count. When you're posting topics, or replying to topics, your post count goes up one.
Using this to your advantage is against the rules. For example, if you spam and use useless posts, that's going against the rules and you only want your post count going up. Please only use significant posts that are actually relating to the topic and/or important.
Although, this does not go against posts in the Spam Can Category..

[x] You understand this and will follow this rule.
[x] If you break this rule, you understand you can be given an infraction or even banned for 2 hours or more.
[x] This involves forums staff too!

Examples to breaking this rule! [NOT REAL] -
1st Example: " The post is talking about Xbox 360's in the technology category. "
" Ninja99 replies: I like peanuts. "
[This is breaking the rule and they will get an infraction.]

2nd Example: " The post is talking about a Ban Appeal in the unban requests category. "
" Allen replies: I didn't do it!! "
[This is breaking two rules -
1) Allen replies to a Unban Request and he isn't giving ADDITIONAL INFORMATION/EVIDENCE about the ban; making the post going against the rules - replying to a unban request.
2) Allen is doing it for Post Count obviously - not giving extra information/evidence, and a simple sentence that is useless.]

He would be given 2 infractions making him get banned for 24 hours unless he wants to redeem forums points!
~ If you are making conversation through a topic, replying and replying, that is going against the rule too!

This rule will be enforced starting today!
Thank you and I hope you understand.


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